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We are one of the leading NRI Services Company based out of Indian Subcontinent focusing on outsourcing services as described at our services link including but not limited to Consulting, NRI Match Making, Project Advisory, Legal Services Relating to Real Estate and other civil laws, Dispute Resolution Services, Investigation, Due Diligence, Taxation, Accounting, Tour Planning and other Premium Services to Non Resident Population based out of all the seven continents.

Understanding the limitations of non residents travelling back and forth to India and inability for looking after their affairs apart from lack of knowledge of the complex Indian system, constraints of resources and time, Nriservices,in was set up.

Nriservices.in is a company that has been born from this very simple but valid need, the need for able, reliable, trustworthy services for handling affairs of Non resident Indians.

About Us

With a team of highly skilled and competent legal counsels and experts all over India, the organisation provides gamut of services for any legal issues to the NRI's assuring suitable remedies for resolving their issues. We accept work only after making a thorough assessment of the client's needs and our own ability to deliver what is required. For each job that we undertake, our approach is meticulous & methodical. We are proud of the work we contribute to and have very strong convictions based on our value systems on work ethics in terms of commitments, quality and time scales. We believe all our clients irrespective of the amount of work they give us deserve our best and we are always motivated in providing that, to keep up our commitments to all our clients. Nriservices.in is a platform developed by a company promoted by a group of professionals dedicated to providing value-added services to the unique needs of the expatriates worldwide.

It is a premier company in existence since 1980, incorporated for the Indian immigrant community and provides a range of resourceful services for immigrants from India.

Nriservices.in can take a considerable load and pressure off you, giving you the freedom to do more of your emergent business needs. Our Shared Service centres in India are equipped with exceptional team of Experienced and Qualified Personnel Including Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Law Enforcers, Bureaucrats, Civil Servants, Management Personnel having wide domain knowledge. Further, the privacy of our clients is important to us. Therefore, we do not discuss our client services with any third parties. All information that comes to our attention in the course of our work is protected and dealt with confidentially.

We have established strategic alliances with Professionals across the world who depend on us for our expertise in the above described services and rely on us to the hilt for taking care of their client’s needs who are otherwise based out of different time zones across the world. We guarantee improved performance, long-term cost reductions and above all, the freedom for you to do avail any of the services described in our bouquet of services.

Our Services

Consultancy and Legal Services

NRI Services offers services to search and gather all the information/documents pertaining to the ancestral property and help you understand the status of your title to the property.

Detective Services

Many a times evidential proof and confidentiality in gathering information is critical to prove the credibility of some facts. A statement backed by a solid proof may make or break a case.


A new kind of tax regime is developing under Transfer Pricing Methodology which is radically going to change the outlook of the tax laws in India.

Land Record Search

The Land Record system in Indian subcontinent is almost 476 years old credited to the name of Mughal ruler Sher Shah Suri, who introduced the patwari system.

Medical Tourism

The recent trend is for people to travel from developed countries to third-world countries for medical treatments because of cost consideration, though the traditional pattern still continues.

Will Advisory

One wants to make sure that the life he has led has been meaningful and dignified in all aspects. Who owns property in any form, is definitely concerned about his property after his demise.

Knowledge Base NRI

NRI's Setting up Business in India

Over the past decade, India has become a big opportunity for global entrepreneurs looking to grow a successful business. The liberalization, booming middle class, and growing jobs and salaries have made India an attractive destination. At the same time, setting up a business in India means navigating through the various tax and legal complexities. And one of the major tax lawsthat needs to be kept in mind is the one on transfer pricing.
"A lot of times, Non Resident Indians (NRIs) who have businesses in India as well as their home country do not realize the implications of transfer pricing rules," says Veena Parrikar, Principal - Transfer Pricing, BDO.
"For instance, take the case of a US parent company with a subsidiary in India. Both companies may make inter-company transfer of funds, often without a proper documentation and support for tax purposes. They tend to believe that transfer pricing is not an issue because the funds remain within the same commonly owned group, and the intercompany transfers are eliminated in consolidation anyway. While it is true that intercompany transactions are eliminated in consolidation, it is important to remember that the two companies are located in different tax jurisdictions and the tax authorities in each jurisdiction will want it's fair share of profits and taxes" she adds.
So in a series of articles, we will explore the various aspects of transfer pricing. Let us begin with understanding the transfer pricing rules in India.
The crux of Indian transfer pricing rules.
Transfer pricing refers to the pricing of intercompany transfers of goods or services. Most countries around the world have implemented transfer pricing regulations with the aim of preventing tax evasion.
The Indian Government tries to ensure that it does not face tax leakages on account of an Indian company overpaying or being underpaid respectively, for goods and services received or rendered, Both these situations will lead to lower profits in India and therefore lower taxes.
Transfer pricing rules can be found under Section 92 to 92F of the Indian Income Tax Act. To put it in a single sentence, the transfer pricing code states that income arising from international transactions between associated enterprises should be computed having regard to the arm's-length price. The three main aspects are 'international transaction.' 'associated enterprise' and 'arms length price.'

What is international transaction?

International transaction means a transaction between two or more associated enterprises involving:

  • Sale, purchase or lease of tangible like machinery, equipment, tools, commodities, products etc
  • Sale, purchase or lease of intangible property like copyrights, trademarks etc
  • Provision of services like market research, design, consultation, administrative services etc
  • Cost-sharing arrangements
  • Lending/borrowing of money
  • Any other transaction having a bearing on the profits, income, losses or assets of such enterprises.

Example: Company A is a US holding company with operations in India through subsidiary company B. Company A transfers $ 1 million to company B for vendor payments. At the end of the financial year, all such amounts must be accounted for as funds received for specific purposes, such as administrative services or consultancy services or any other appropriate transaction. If they are loans, then appropriate interest payments must be reported.

Who are associated enterprises?

Two companies are said to be ‘associated’ if one company participates, directly or indirectly, or through one or more intermediaries, in the management or control or capital of the other enterprise. The participation can also be through people.
The Act goes on to define participation. For instance, if one company holds 26% of voting power of the other, the former is said to be participating in the latter. Or if 90% or more of the raw materials and consumables required for the manufacture or processing of goods or articles carried out by one enterprise, are supplied by the other enterprise, they are said to be associated.

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